The Future of Handling: Powered Trolleys

Handle-iT has developed their Powered Range of trolleys over a number of years. 

Powered carts for baggage porters also have huge benefits, reducing operator fatigue but also featuring a number of safety features such as key ignition, emergency stops, as well as options for warning horns and flashing amber beacons to be fitted. Our powered porters carts are made to your order in the UK, so can be modified to suit your exact requirements.

Powered Trolley

A Mesh Sided Powered Trolley 

Powered Trolleys have been in our range since 2009 and we have recently listened to demand and designed and manufactured a powered turntable trolley to deal with loads of up to 1000kg.  With the option of Side Panel Kits a trolley becomes very versatile as it can be used with or without these sides depending on requirement.

Trolley Covers

Powered Trolley with a Branded Rain Cover

A Powered Trolley with a Branded Rain Cover

Trolley covers are becoming an increasingly popular extra, adding a lightweight but durable layer of protection from weather conditions.  Covers also offer another great branding opportunity which we can offer to customers with the full service being undertaken.

With a standard 5 year warranty on the chassis we ensure that parts are available throughout the life of your trolley.

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