Sometimes All You Need is a Little Splash of Colour!

Addenbrooke’s Hospital approached us earlier in the year with a requirement for 3 bespoke trolleys to suit the needs of the wards.  Part of the specification was the requirement for them to be different and bright colours, so if they went missing they could easily be returned!

Handle-iT Bespoke Purple Trolley for Addenbrooke Hospital
Handle-iT Bespoke Green Trolley for Addenbrooke Hospital

A bund trolley design was required for the movement of containers and 2 dead man brake shelf trolleys.  Dead man brake trolleys are a reliable function to prevent the trolley from moving when not in use.  

Staff within the department are using the trolleys but they are very simple to use and understand.  The shelves were removeable to allow for cleaning and the design is ergonomically friendly.

Following a consultation and some designs being produced the customer was happy that the original sketches had been achieved in to something that was workable and useful.

Handle-iT Bespoke Pink Trolley for Addenbrooke Hospital

Of the designs, the bund trolley was one of the more complicated. The trolley itself had a bund tray for use as a platform for filling containers. The bund featured a splash guard to help minimise the risk of to the user when pouring chemicals, and also had a removable feature, allowing  the tray to be cleaned. The top shelf of the bund trolley was designed for larger chemical containers, with space for a tap positioned directly above the bund. The platform itself had removable retention rails designed to secure the containers in place and allow quick changeovers when necessary. Grey non marking castors to protect the facilities floors alongside a bright pink epoxy powder coat paint finish were the final touches for this bright and unique trolley

Handle-iT Bespoke Pink Trolley for Addenbrooke Hospital

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