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Whether its data protection, high value products, or high risk products such as pharmaceuticals, security of loads in transit these days in becoming a more of a risk, why else would you have vehicles with trackers, cameras, CCTV all around your warehouse, yet you still leave these things in full view of any passers-by. For staff, whether they be long serving or temp, times are harder than we have seen for many years. The difficulty to achieve something as basic as keeping the food on the table is becoming greater.

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Flatbed Trolley

Flatbed Trolleys are a quite common form of transporting larger loads than the likes of a sack truck in a quick and simple manner. With their large flat base and ease of use, you will find them in a variety of industries where objects are frequently moved around large areas. This is especially true in industries with high volume loads, as a flatbed trolley can allow an operator to more than 10 times what they could carry by hand in a single trip. But how could investing in flatbed trolleys help your business? Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Flatbed Trollies.

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Deadman Brake Trolleys

Ever wondered how Deadman Brakes work on trolleys?

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Buying anything online always comes with an element of risk, but buying industrial equipment, such as trolleys or sack trucks, often requires extra care. A lot of retailers may list their products but not manufacture it themselves. Therefore, you could be receiving false information regarding the product. This could be a genuine mistake by the retailer, but we find some product resellers are just falsely misrepresenting product to suggest it's better than it is. We have highlighted this in previous blogs. There is nothing wrong with resellers, but buying through a middle-man or third party adds possible cost, time, and risk. Buying straight from the manufacturer lets you get the right product at the right price.

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Platform Trolleys

Do you know your flatbed trolleys from your platform trucks? We've made this handy guide to help you get the right equipment for the job. There is a huge variety of trolleys available on the market suitable for all kinds of workplaces. 

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