Luggage Trailers to Kuwait

Airport Luggage Trailer

One of Handle-iT's latest made to order projects is something a little different. After being approached by Ameed Plaza On Behalf of Kuwait Airways, Kuwait's national airline, we were tasked with designing 4 heavy duty tow-able luggage trailers.

Airport Luggage Trailer       Airport Baggage Trailer

These trailers were not standard baggage trailers that take your luggage to the aeroplane when you go on your holidays, as the trailers needed to be towed by the vehicles used by Kuwaiti Air to collect the pilots and cabin crew from their hotel. This meant the trailers had to be capable of being towed at 80kmph. furthermore needed to be heavy duty to manage up to 1000kg of luggage. With fully road legal light boards for road use, recoil wiring looms, and a channel laid aluminium base, making these trailers not only supremely functional but super sleek.

Kuwait Airways Luggage Trailers

The trailers also needed to be weatherproof, to that end Handle-iT clad the trailers in galvanised sheet steel, giving the modern look. The trolleys were then painted white and then finished off with the Kuwait Airways logo. 

On top of being weatherproof, the trailers needed a totally independent hand operated braking system which was achieved when the handle was lifted pulling brake pads on to the rear of the road going wheels.

Kuwait Airport Baggage Trailer

After being built, the 4 trailers were loaded onto a 40ft shipping container and have been shipped by sea on their way to Kuwait earlier this month.

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