2 Tier Trolley with Deadman Brake and Additional Anti-Fatigue Handle

A customer in London contacted us a few weeks ago to ask whether we could help with a need they had. 

They had an existing two tier trolley but one of the users had concerns over the handling and the risk of falling on to the trolley and there being movement which could cause harm to the individual and the product as well as those near to the trolley.  The trolley is used for picking fragrances and beauty products so a relatively light capacity requirement.

A shelf with a lip was required to hold the items in place.  The folded sheet shelves were also made to be removable for cleaning.  2 Fixed and 2 Swivel with Brake castors were fitted as this wheel configuration is the easiest to control hence being our standard set up.

Handle-iT Bespoke 2 Tier Trolley with Deadman Brake and Additional Anti-Fatigue Handle

The addition of a Dead Man Brake to our standard Two Tier Trolley prevents the trolley from moving when not in use by utilising a simple yet effective breaking rod built into the handle.  The additional top handle means that if the trolley was pushed then the trolley would not move, a sort of protector to the Dead Man Brake.

After a couple of days with the design team the drawings were sent to the customer for approval and explanation.  A quick positive response was received and the fabrication in our factory in the South West began.  In conversation with the customer we discussed colour options, the standard blue was not going to cut it so we shared the RAL colours available in stock and this beautiful purple colour was chosen (RAL4005).  The joy of our trolleys is that we can monitor work and progress easily so the customer was kept updated and advised just four weeks later that the trolley was out for delivery.

The end user is as happy as we are with the result.  The trolley provides more confidence to the user in completing their work tasks.

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