Powered Trolley Bespoke Made To Transport Large Flight Cases

Handle-iT Powered Trolley

Click on the link below to view a quick video of one of our bespoke electric powered trolleys from the HI-POW range. This one has been made to accommidate a large flightcase for the transportation of large electronic components that are used in our customers industry leading power supplies and convertors. Our customers products are used in applications of voltages up to 500 KiloVolts and power up to 120 KiloWatts such as medical imaging and security screening. It was important that the trolley could carry loads up to 500kg while keeping the components free from static discharge and vibration. Our trolley perfectly meets the customers requirements while reducing manual handling and the risk of damage to the components during transport..

View the video here: https://youtu.be/lQMVpTWDoD4

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