Custom Fabrication - 4 Sided Mesh Trolley with Additional Support and Wheels

6 Wheels - When 4 Just Won't Do

We recently had a customer contact us regarding a very specific requirement for a trolley to be used for transporting large, heavy items. We had a look at his requirements, and initially suggested a trolley from our Four Sided Range.

After a look at the trolleys, and the options that were available, the customer decided that he needed something more, so working together with them, we modified the design of a Four Sided Mesh trolley to suit his needs.

Set on a 1500mm x 750mm base, we got to work reinforcing the underside, with extra bracing and a second set of swivel casters based centrally across it's length, and extended the height of the sides to be nearly double the usual measurements.

Whereas the concept was functional, the sides would have proved cumbersome to remove, so we modified them to instead be two panels, halved in height. This makes it far easier to remove them, and allowed the customer the option of using lower sides when the situation may arise.

The next stage is prototyping, all of our products are fabricated by us, here in the UK - once the prototype has been completed, it will be sent off to the customer and any further modifications, or adjustments that he would like can be added for the final run.

Custom Four Sided Mesh 4 WheelsCustom Four Sided Mesh 6 Wheels

Custom Four Sided Underside 4 WheelsCustom Four Sided Mesh Underside 6 Wheels

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