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Despite laboratories around the world working day and night, a safe working vaccine for Covid-19 will not be available for the start of the Autumn term. Staff and Students will be required to social distance for the foreseeable future. The Government has set an ambitious target for schools to fully re-open in September.

In all aspects of our lives we must find solutions to challenges we have never faced before. The EDUK8 furniture range from Handle-iT is designed to help teachers and students follow government guidelines by addressing the specific challenge of social distancing in the classroom. The innovative design reinforces social distancing by limiting the need for unnecessary movement around the classroom, while also increasing the maximum classroom capacity by relocating storage space to the unused spaces between students.

The EDUK8 system also features a number of other benefits including:
• Students resources are stored close at hand.
• Fully constructed from wipe clean materials.
• Plastic trays compatible with the leading storage systems.
• Full customisation with different colours and tray configurations.
• Wheeled for easy movement when cleaning.
• Custom signage with school artwork or social distancing messages.

Social Distance School Desk          Social Distance Desk

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The EDUK8 Range

Our brand new EDUK8 range is growing still, providing an improved design to the classic classroom trolley, while also offering antibacterial versions that are coated with an antibacterial finish and are even easier to clean.

EDUK8 Range

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  • aish

    . first point all student should wash their hands using hand wash techniques from WHO

    second follow the government instruction or information regarding cover 19

    give the teacher and the student psychologic support all the time.

    mental health is more important than physical health during

  • Darren Sandhurst

    Good idea, anything to get my kids back into school without an endless steam of excuses….

  • Dave Farmer

    Excellent idea, very well thought out, I hope it takes of and the kids get back to school as soon as possible.

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