NEW Premium Plus Range

We are proud to announce the first in our new line of Premium Plus products. Our Premium Plus range takes products from our already high quality range, and makes them even better.

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The first two products we are introducing are a new, upgraded flatbed trolley, and a beefed-up turntable trolley.

Premium Plus Flatbed Trolley
Our Flatbed Trolley has been upgraded to include a high quality, long lasting, non-slip phenolic board base, as well as sleek new heavy-duty Resilex elastic rubber castor wheels that boost the safe capacity of the trolley up to 750KG.
Premium Plus Turntable Trolley

Our New Turntable Trolley includes the same high quality phenolic board base as the flatbed trolley, but is mounted on either standard 254mm diameter wheels, or can be upgraded to big chunky 390mm wheels that boost the trolleys capacity up to 1000KG.

With the release of our new range, we'll be offering promotions and deals to get you the best prices with the same high quality product.


Check Out The Premium Plus Range Here!


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