Pick and Pack Trolleys and Carts

Pick and Pack Trolleys and Carts

With the internet changing the way every company operates, Handle-iT are spearheading design techniques in pack and pack trolleys and carts. Long gone are the days of a picker trundling around the warehouse consolidation the orders at a packing bench, and waiting for the packing team to do their bit.

Pick and Pack means that small items are packed on the run by the picker operatives, reducing the need of designated packing areas, and the need in some cases for the packers themselves. 

Handle-iT have worked closely with some of the biggest and best know web based companies, and web fulfilment warehouse in the industry, helping maximise pick rates, and pack on the run rates, while reducing pick and pack errors.

"Handle-iT's design team are providing some truly unique solutions to some crazy new problems not experienced in many warehousing situations before, the need to hit an ever increasing numbers of smaller single line orders and less bulk pallet orders, is something that a lot of warehouses are just not geared up for, trying to take "off the shelf" platform trucks and tiered service trolleys to pick 1000's of items per day is just nonsensical, and terribly inefficient". Said Handle-iT's Group Operations Director, Daniel Farrar. "Every company out there work with different methodology, this is what gives them their competitive advantage, every warehouse layout and stock map is different, and product range vary the old adage of "One Size Fits All" just will not work with pick and pack." He added.

We have over 50 years experience in the team, of design and manufacture of cutting edge warehouse logistic and handling products. These are designed to be robust and increase pick and pack rate efficiency, this only comes from bespoke design solutions for bespoke customer warehouse and their operating systems, you just cant rely upon and off the shelf unit, and expect it to slot into the the new web driven ordering systems, that have to be there tomorrow.

Handle-iT have secured two great contracts for pick and pack bespoke design in October, so stay posted for the case studies which we will produce over the coming months, so you can gauge the numbers for yourselves.     




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