Rough Terrain Flatbed Trolley

Originally designed as a flatbed trolley to move chairs over rough ground, the Rough Terrain Flatbed Trolley is a great trolley for moving awkward loads over rough and uneven ground. 

Rough terrain flatbed trolley

Functioning as a hybrid of a turntable trolley and a flatbed trolley, the Rough Terrain Flatbed Trolley has a fixed axle at the front mounted on 254mm pneumatic tyres, and at the rear two swivel castors with 200mm pneumatic tyres. The pneumatic tyres give the trolley the versatility of a turntable trolley allowing it to traverse over most terrains, while the swivel castors give the trolley the control of a flatbed trolley allowing it to turn in much smaller arch than a turntable. The larger wheels on the trolley also give it a higher ground clearance making for easier transport over rough and uneven ground. 

rough terrain flatbed trolley

As a made to order product, the Rough Terrain Flatbed Trolley can be made to your exact requirements. 

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  • Handle-iT

    Hi Angela, All the details of sizes are in the product listing if you follow the link, but the standard size is a 1200mm x 600mm base. We do also have bespoke options available, and as this item is made to order we can reduce the width even further if you need!

  • Angela Williams

    What is the wheel base please? we have narrow paths to negotiate.

  • Handle-iT

    Hi Shaun, These have a 500KG UDL capacity

  • Shaun Blaxley

    What weight do they hold.

  • Garry Schone

    Please can you quote for your flatbed rough terrain trolley, delivery to CR5 3QG including delivery?

    Please provide dimensions and what type of tyres troley has (Pneumatic/ solid/ puncture proof)?


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