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As lockdowns lift and everyone starts to return to relative normality, children all over the country will also need to return to their classrooms. In preparation for the new school year, we've designed a new range of trolleys especially for schools, universities, and other educational institutes ready to launch this summer.

We're also looking at the impact of social distancing in classrooms, and how trolleys can help enforce social distancing while making the most of the space available. Choosing the correct position for these storage trolleys also assists with providing easy access to necessary equipment without obstructing lessons.

School Trolleys

This new range of trolleys includes a number of different storage trolleys, Cloakroom Trolleys, Lunch Tray and Cutlery Trolleys, Lunchbox Trolleys, PE and Playground Trolleys, and more. Available in a range of colours, the trolleys also come with customisation options, with space for labelling and/or graphical art prints on the side of the trolley. The new range of storage trolleys also features an improved sliding box storage system, allowing easy access for students and staff alike. These storage boxes are also available with a number of extras such as lids and divider infills.

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