NEW PRODUCT - Picking Trolley with Adjustable Height Shelves HI-JD-PT-ADJ December 02 2013 , 0 Comments



Picking Trolley With Adjustable Height Shelves, Finding impossible to cater for a multitude of box sizes, nothing uniform…….. Here is your solutions, with shelves being adjustable every 150mm, this trolley will cater for all sizes, and shapes…….. Remove the shelf and you can even pick and pack clothing using the reinforcing bar as a clothes rail. This trolley is constructed from heavy duty 25mm box section for the uprights, and 50mm box section for the base. The wheels are in a diamond configuration or also call “easy Steer” for ultimate manoeuvrability, and finish with a polypropylene which is light weight and easy to adjust.

Capacity 200KG
Bed Length 1200mm or 1500mm
Bed Width 700mm or 800mm
Base Height 290mm
Wheel Size 200mm
Wheel Type 2 Fixed 2 Swivel