Kan Ban Trolleys or Parts Bin Trolleys July 04 2014, 0 Comments

Kan Ban or Parts Bin Trolleys for use with linbins and plastic boxes perfect for parts picking or production feeding. Strategically sized to maximize th
e storage of all the variations of bins available. Whether you need to stack side by side or front to back, this trolley will maximize the amount of bins to be transported, to assist in reducing time wasted in lean production facilities. the trolley is constructed from 25.4mm tube which offers fantastic strength but a low overall self weight, ensuring minimum effort to move maximum loads, you can reduce this still further by choosing the PU wheel option below, this will provide even less rolling resistance that the standard mounted rubber wheels. Use the trolley to ensure that all elements of your production line are feed and working efficiently. If you have a special requirement, click here and visit our made to order section of our site which will give you some additional ideas of how we can modify this unit, to be perfect for your job.