Folding Trolley......... made in the UK so no more excuses to buy cheap Chinese Tat July 04 2014, 1 Comment

Folding Trolley, the HI-36-FFB is manufactured using the same high quality manufacturing process and materials as our now world famous Platform trucks Range. Single Piece Laser cut frames, provide unrivaled strength from a remarkable low self weight. With a very simple but effective folding mechanism, without any small springs or components to be lost. Mounted on a choice of either our standard high quality 200mm solid wheels, or a 200mm Pneumatic castor (**not BS-EN compliant**) to help negotiate rougher terrains. Topped with an 18mm weather proof plywood deck, and then finished in a epoxy powder coated frame which is not just very pretty but remarkably durable. As with all our made to order range these are available in almost any color as well as stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized finish, please talk with your account manager.

Flatbed Trolley