Stainless Steel Trolleys August 19 2014 , 2 Comments

With the ever growing necessity for hygiene, and the fast pace of technology meaning clean rooms are springing up everywhere, Handle-iT is ever growing it's Stainless production capacities. So much so that our usually obscure customer requests are now becoming the norm, this means that to offer some of these products in our everyday range is a must.

Its not just a stainless steel trolley............ all fixing, nuts, bolts, rivets, even the castor brackets are stainless steel.........

So you can jet wash it, steam clean it, or whatever you need to put this trolley through it will cope, and to that ends, we put our money where our month is, and give you a three year warranty, excluding the wearing parts. 


So whatever you need, whether it's stainless steel trolleys or aluminium trolleys, let us Handle-iT