Rittal June 06 2013, 0 Comments

Rittal, wanted a Bespoke Sack Truck for moving Server Cabinets around the production lines..

This sack truck need to have 3 positions so the Cabinet could be lowered so the staff could move and be able to see over the top of it. They also need a ratchet Strap to support the Product on the Sack Truck. They customer also wanted this trolley in their own company colour.

This is a very intense production line as Rittal make cabinets for all the major hardware manufacturers, producing hundred of 1800mm plus high cabinets, the cabinet are weighing in at 120kg and the size makes them awkward to handle within the necessary time constraint of the production facility. Handle-iT re-enforce the back struts on appliance trucks with 25mm solid rod, so that they were able to take the abuse.