New Folding Toe Sack Trucks June 08 2018 , 1 Comment

The second of our new additions to our Sack Truck Range this month is a 600mm Folding Footplate. 

New Folding Toeplate Sack Truck

Our new 600mm folding footplate option can be added to all of our existing curved back existing sack trucks, from our standard sack truck range. The folding footplate makes the sack truck extremely versatile, as it keeps it far more lightweight than a solid footplate, also adding working length, yet making it far easier to store and transport in delivery vehicles. The fixed footplate also strengthens and supports the folding plate, adding to the overall strength of the folding plate extension.

Folding Foot Plate Sack Truck

The 2 foot long plate footplate model is mounted on a curved back frame range, with a 220mm open foot plate and a U handle. The extended footplate itself can safely support up to 150Kg, has a length of 600mm and a width of 310mm as standard, when the plate is folded back into the frame, the capacity returns to its standard 300kg. As with all our sack trucks, our new additions have the option of regular pneumatic tyres or our own specially-made polyurethane puncture proof tyres for a more durable and longer lasting tyre.

Check out our new Folding Toe Plate Sack Truck HERE -


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