Introducing the New Galvanised Heavy Duty Turntable Trolley January 30 2020 , 0 Comments

Based on our classic HI-T1000 Heavy Duty Turntable Trolley, this galvanised version really is one of the highest quality turntable trolleys on the market. With its 1000kg UDL capacity, this trolley has a wide range of uses from use in sterile environments thanks the easy-to-clean properties of galvanised steel, to coastal locations that would rust any mild steel equivalent.

galvanised heavy duty turntable trolleyheavy duty galvanised turntable trolley with sides
This heavy duty turntable trolley is a great all-rounder, with an optional side panel kit that makes it easy to secure loose loads, as well as an upgrade to puncture-proof tyres that run exactly the same as pneumatic equivalents without risk of running flat. The trolley is also available with a parking brake, which is a great feature for safety that also means the trolley conforms to BS/EN1751-3. 

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