Handle-iT score a Touchdown! October 20 2017, 0 Comments

handle-it sound trailer

We scored at the Ladies and Gents FA Cup Final and Touched-down at the Super Bowl! Working alongside “Britannia Row Productions” who have been providing solutions for the best sound quality for Decades going back in the days to the height of the Rolling Stones popularity. Handle-iT devised the Sound Cart. These Industrial trailers are carrying 700kg of PA equipment! From the moment the half time whistle blows and the pitch is emptied and out rolls our bespoke designed trailers loaded with the best quality sound system money can buy from JBL.

14 Industrial Trailers were order 4 weeks before Kick Off and from the moment the whistle blew on the deal, we had to produce 3D model the units, Create and get approval on the prototype and have them delivered to site before the Women's FA Cup Final. Delivering the trolleys to Wembley Stadium at 2am on the morning of kick off, within the 6hr time slot we were provided.

Fitted with Brakes, Puncture Proof Wheel, and a “beavers tail” rear end, these things don't only look awesome; they do an awesome job and provide awesome sound!