Have you got a long load??? June 27 2018 , 0 Comments

Have you got a long load???


Need something to transport long AWKWARD loads? Then this IS ideal for you! This new long loading Dolly can be used to transport long loads with ease, and because it is a made to order item it can be made to your exact measurements. With basic sizes offering a 1500mm version capable of taking 4500mm long loads, or the 2000mm version being capable of taking 6000mm loads, there isn't much that this cradle won’t take...

Carpet Dolly With Carpet

The centre pair of wheels are larger, creating a centre pivot, allowing the chassis to rotate on a single point. This makes the Dolly incredibly mobile and able to work in almost any environment. The V shape frame is designed to hold any cylindrical object or packs / bundles of loose long length. The original Dolly was made for transporting carpets but works perfectly well for almost any long profile with easy, off-loading. Raw material, metals, beams or lengths of timber becomes a one-man job. Handling drainage and sewerage pipe carefully becomes a doddle.

Carpet Dolly

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