All Your Mobile Security Needs Rolled Into One July 29 2019 , 0 Comments

The Powered Secure Medical Records Trolley is the newest addition to our Powered Trolley range.

Full Security Cage Powered Trolley

Mounted on a standard powered trolley chassis, the unit now features a full security cage. The design of the cage is taken from our popular full security cage trolley, and features either standard lid, or a half hitch design that folds down for easier access. the sides themselves are also available in either the standard mesh, or as plastic cladding, giving greater security with less visibility of whats inside the trolley. 

powered cage trolley with half hitch sidesplastic clad motorised security trolley

The trolley is available as standard in 1300mm x 700mm or 1700mm x 700mm in order to carry either 6 or 8 standard boxes most commonly found to store records in hospitals. If you're looking for a specific size, bespoke customisation is always an option.

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