UK Largest Sack Truck Range gets just a little bigger June 06 2018 , 0 Comments

This month we have some new additions to our sack truck range! The first of which is a new collection of gas bottle sack truck designs.

Gas Sack Truck Curved Back FrameGas Bottle Trolley with chain

With our new Gas Sack Trucks, we have designed a new and improved curved back as part of the main frame with the addition of a chain to safely and firmly holds a canister in place during transport. The sack truck comes with the option of two different toe plate sizes to suit your needs. The standard is a 220mm open toeplate, specifically for Gas Bottle, which offers a lightweight and yet will stall carry 300kg. change the toe plate to 350mm x 450mm toeplate making the truck and ideal multi fuel truck, enabling the simple movement of coal bags as well. As with all our sack trucks, our new additions have the option of regular pneumatic tyres or our own specially-made polyurethane puncture proof tyres for a more durable and longer lasting tyre.

Check out our new Gas Bottle Sack Truck HERE -

Check out our new Multi Fuel Sack Truck HERE -


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