Our Ultimate Heavy Duty Sack Truck Guide July 08 2019, 0 Comments

Can't decide which sack truck is right for you? This guide is designed to help you chose the best parts for you from our HI1890 Heavy Duty Sack Truck Range. As these sack trucks are modular, you can select from a number of different parts and mix and match the most suitable design for the job you need it for. 




As the main part of the frame, the sack truck back is the starting point for building your sack truck. 


Traditional Sack TruckNo.1 Curved Back
The Curved back fame is the favourite all-round sack truck back. As the name suggests, the back has an inbuilt curve up the centre, allowing a safer point for moving cylindrical objects from gas canisters to kegs to small rolls of carpet. if you're looking for an all round sack truck, the Curved Back is a good start point.

A popular sack truck that uses the Curved Back frame is the Traditional Sack Truck, which as the name suggests is based on a traditional sack barrow style that has been tried and tested for decades.

No.2 Keg BackCase and Keg Sack Truck
As one of the more specialised Sack Truck backs, the Keg Back is almost identical to the curved back frame, however includes a small "Keg Hook" on the centre of the frame. The Keg Hook locks a keg in place when loaded onto the sack truck, making moving kegs and barrels far safer and easier.

One of the best selling sack trucks with a Keg Back is the Keg and Case Sack Truck, combining with a large footplate and a high handle allowing for a great all-round brewery sack truck.

P Handle Industrial Sack TruckNo.3 Mesh Back
The Mesh Back is the best frame for moving a large amount of small items, with a layer of mesh placed over the frame to prevent small items falling through the back of the frame while in use.

Another popular Sack Truck that uses the Mesh Back is the Heavy Duty P Handle Sack Truck, utilising the versatile P Handle to make the trolley very easy to use.

No.4 Lattice BackIndustrial Sack Truck with High Back
The Lattice Back is the strongest heavy duty frame we offer. With a strong lattice backed frame, this Sack Truck really can take a beating and offer the best support for any medium to large sized load. 

A Great Sack Truck that uses a Lattice Back is the Industrial Sack Truck with High Back, combining with the flexible A Handle to create an easy and safe to use heavy duty sack truck.




As the part of the sack truck that supports the load, the footplate is a vital part of any sack truck


Heavy Duty Keg Sack Truck220mm Open Footplate
The 220mm Open Footplate is an incredibly popular footplate to have on sack trucks being used for transporting cylindrical objects such as kegs and barrels. As the lightest footplate in the range, this footplate is also popular with couriers and van drivers as it makes for a lightweight frame without sacrificing capacity.

As one of our oldest sack trucks, the Heavy Duty Keg Sack Truck is one of the most popular sack trucks we sell, and can be found in brewery's around the world. 

250mm FootplateHeavy Duty Hand Truck Trolley
The 250mm Footplate is our bread and butter, and is the best compact footplate. the footplate is shallow, but has the same 450mm width as the other standard footplates, making it great for tall but skinny loads.

A great Sack Truck to use with the 250mm Footplate is the Heavy Duty Hand Truck Trolley.

Multi Fuel Delivery Sack Truck350mm Footplate
As the best all-round footplate, the 350mm footplate is the most popular footplate for general use. While still boasting a large capacity, the footplate isn't quite as big and bulky as the heavier 450mm Footplate. This footplate is great for small, medium, and large loads.

One of the best all-round sack trucks that utilises the 350mm plate is the Multi Fuel Delivery Sack Truck, which also has the addition of a chain to support taller loads.

450mm FootplateHeavy Duty Long Toe Sack Truck
As the heaviest and strongest footplate we offer, the 450mm Footplate is the toughest of the lot. Ideal for large loads, this footplate is perfect for more industrial use.

A common sack truck that uses the 450mm Footplate is the Heavy Duty Long Toe Sack Truck

Sack Truck with Large Lightweight Footplate450mm Open Footplate
It may not be the strongest, but the 450mm Open Footplate is an extremely popular sack truck for moving large but lightweight loads while weighing half as much as the standard footplate of the same size. 

The most popular sack truck that uses the 450 Open Footplate is the Sack Truck With Large Lightweight Footplate.




There are a number of handles available for sack trucks, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. 


Heavy Duty Flat Back Sack TruckH Handle
The H Handle is the original tried and tested handle of all sack trucks, designed to be firmly and comfortably held with 2 hands to support the load with ease. 

One sack truck that uses a H Handle is the Heavy Duty Flat Back Sack Truck

U HandleHand Sack Truck
The U Handle is another common sack truck handle, acting a similar way to the P handle, but allowing use with one hand, making it easier to travel trough doorways that need to be held open.

Another sack truck that uses the U Handle is the Hand Sack Truck

Heavy Duty Hand TruckP Handle
The P Handle is similar to the U Handle, but has a central bar that loops around towards the user in a P shape. This shaped handle makes handling even easier than the U handle, and the handle is far more comfortable to pull backward towards the user when the sack truck is upright.

The Heavy Duty Hand Truck is a popular sack truck that uses the P handle.

N HandleHeavy Duty Hand Truck Trolley
The N handle is a hybrid of both A and U handles, including the U handles' U loop for one handed use, but also a H handles double grips for regular use.

A common sack truck that uses the N handle is the Heavy Duty Hand Truck Trolley

High Back Mesh Back Sack TruckA Handle
The A Handle is similar to the N handle, but taller. The extra height means better support at a taller loads, and makes for a safer alternative.

One sack truck that utilises the A handle is the High Back Mesh Back Sack Truck.




Wheels are an essential part of any sack truck for obvious reasons, but the choice of wheel can drastically affect performance.


Pneumatic Sack Truck Tyre
Pneumatic (PN) Wheels

The classic Pneumatic Wheels are the most common wheels found on sack trucks. 

Polyurethane Puncture Proof Tyre
Polyurethane Puncture Proof (PU) Wheels

The new and improved polyurethane puncture proof wheel is a highly sought after upgrade to the traditional pneumatic tyre. It functions exactly the same as a pneumatic, however the tyre is made of a polyurethane blown foam.




Our HI1890 Range has a variety of extras available to either improve the quality of use for the user, improve the safety of the trolley, improve the functionality of the sack truck, or give the barrow a specialised purpose.


Sack Truck Chain Add-onChain
The Chain add-on is becoming popular when paired with our curved back range, allowing safer and easier use of the barrow to move the likes of barrels and gas bottles.

Folding FootplateFolding Sack Truck Footplate
The folding footplate add-on is a useful tool for supporting bulky and large based objects. The folding footplate extends to 600mm, larger than any base size footplate, and is compatible with any base footplate.


Rubber Padding Strips
One of the less common add-ons for our sack trucks are the rubber padding strips. The padding is commonly used on the lattice back frame, making it better for transporting items such as white goods, as it reduces the risk of damage to the product by giving it a soft padding against the frame.