10 Inch Sack Truck Puncture Proof Wheels (20mm Axle)

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10 Inch Sack Truck Puncture Proof Wheels, to fit a 20mm axle, the wheel diameter is 254mm or 10 inches, with steel centres and cased ball bearings. These are the standard sack truck and trolley wheels that fit products that use a 20mm axle including our standard HI1890 Range sack trucks or our HIT1000 Range turntable trolleys. The wheels will also fit many sack barrows and trolleys on the market. The Polyurethane wheel looks and behaves like a pneumatic tire but the blown foam will never wear. No more punctures. No more deflation. No more checking tire pressures. See image for wheel dimensions.

Item Measurement
Maximum Capacity 135kg per wheel
Axle Size 20mm
Wheel Size 254mm/10Inches
Wheel Type Polyurethane puncture proof


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