Draymans Drop Pads and Mats 600mm

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Draymans Drop Pads & Mats for Kegs, Casks & Barrels, used by breweries, pubs and clubs when barrels need to be dropped from either wagons or into cellars. This small drop pad measures 600 mm x 600 mm x 300 mm and is cut from 32 density foam, ensuring that its dense enough to absorb the impact from 11 gallons kegs from over 2400 mm or 8 feet. Finished in the heaviest duty tarpaulin we can find, which is 900 gsm. The Tarpaulin cover is double stitched and set with brass eyelets to allow the air from the impact to escape, no 'over' explosions here! Tied the old fashioned way with a 6 mm polypropylene twine, for a hardcore drop pad, you're in the right place.

Item Measurement
Density 32kg/mtr
Length 600mm
Width 600mm
Depth  300mm
Tarpaulin 900 gsm
Twin 6mm

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