Retail Handling Solutions and Shopping Trolleys

Our Retail Handling Solutions and Shopping Trolley Range contains a variety of handling equipment that will help you with a wide range of handling needs. With anything from Shopping carts and cash and carry trolleys for your consumer end needs, to roll cages and pallet movers for any of your back of house necessities.


The Professional Aluminium sack truck with a folding toe plate, supplied on air filled pneumatic tires. Due to the aluminium construction this sack barrow retains a low overall weight, the curved back braces help when moving any cylindrical loads. The Z' Frame stair skid aids the operator when traversing steps or stairs.

Item Measurement
Capacity 120KG
Height 1310mm
Width 470mm
Toe Plate Length 270mm
Toe Plate Width 310mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic

2 & 3 Tier Service Trolleys, a versatile trolley with built in trays. UK manufactured from 25mm tube to provide a sturdy frame; the tray is fabricated from a single piece of metal sheet, folded to create the tray and mounted in an angle frame. These removable and reversible steel trays give a flush or recessed fitting. Trays are available in elegant white or matching blue powder coated epoxy finish to provide excellent longevity. Many options are available for this range, including the material used for the trays, total stop brakes and revolving protector buffers.

Service Trolley with 2 & 3 Tier PDF Datasheet Download

Item Measurement
Capacity 200KG
Bed Length 760mm
Bed Width 457mm
Overall Height 1065mm
Shelf Heights 245/595/945mm
Wheel Size 100mm
Wheel Type 4 Swivel

4 Sided Roll Cage Full Security Galvanized is the most common type of roll cage in the market. With 4 sides and an integral shelf; this is a full security roll cage, so it is also fitted as standard a roof or lid. This roll container is supplied with 4 swivel, non-marking nylon wheeled castors that achieve a very long life. The roll cage is filled in with 50mm x 50mm x 10 gauge mesh giving both strength and security. The roll container is then finished in a bright zinc plate for longevity. The full security roll cage is usually available from stock however please check with your account manager, especially when looking for quantities. Please ask for details with regards to the availability of ex-rental roll cages or both short and long term rental.

Item Measurement
Capacity 500kg
Length 700mm
Width 820mm
Wheel Size 125mm
Wheel Type White Nylon
Colour Galvanised
Weight 45kg

Two or Three Shelf Trolley with pneumatic castors, based around our best-selling shelf trolley. Offers the same sturdy construction as a standard shelf trolley, but with removable shelves, recessed one side and flush the other, then mounted on 'Go-Anywhere' large 200mm pneumatic castor wheels. A great trolley for schools, colleges and hospitals where travelling between departments can take you outside. Excellent over uneven ground, rough concrete, and even stone chippings and grass. 

Shelf Trolley with Two Or Three Tiers and Pneumatic Castors PDF Datasheet Download 
Item Measurement
Capacity 300KG
Bed Length 600mm or 700mm
Bed Width 900mm or 1000mm
Shelf Clearance 320mm
Wheels 200mm Pneumatic
Top Shelf Height 972mm
Colour You Choose! 

Traditional Sack Truck, part of our HI1890 Heavy Duty Sack Truck Range. The sack truck frame consists of three main parts, and any part of the sack truck can be swapped out and replaced if your requirements change, saving you from buying a whole new sack truck, and meaning you can build the perfect truck for your needs. 

Supplied with a short foot plate this truck is constructed from heavy duty 30 mm angle iron to give great strength. With the shorter foot plate this reduces the overall weight of the unit, allowing easier lifting on and off delivery vehicles. Supplied as standard with pneumatic tires and topped off with fully cased ball bearing to give a smooth ride and long life. You can upgrade the tires to polyurethane foam that will never puncture.

If you're looking for something to secure larger or oddly shaped loads, take a look at our Sack Truck Ratchet Strap, available Here

Traditional Sack Truck PDF Datasheet

Download Free Risk Assessment

Item Measurement
Capacity 270KG UDL (Folding plate-150KG)
Height 1220mm
Width 560mm
Toe Plate Length 220mm
Toe Plate Width 350mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

Distribution Trolley, the HITS34 range is a great order picking trolley and bulk load carrier. The perfect tool for ensuring bulk product movements in industrial, manufacturing or warehousing environments are carried out productively. With an impressive 500kg loading capacity, these units can be used with low level order picking equipment (stipulated at point of order) to increase order picking productivity. Additional options offered include gated doors, shelves, and towing eyes so that they work in a train. The limits are endless to what you can achieve, please ask if you have any additional requirements as these can almost always be catered for. 

Item Measurement
Capacity 500KG
Bed Length 1000/1200mm
Bed Width 700/800mm
Overall Height 1780mm
Base Height 275mm
Wheel Size 200mm
Wheel Type 2 Fixed 2 Swivel

EURO and GKN Heavy duty pallet trucks are an excellent tool for lifting and carrying loads on pallets or standard sized containers. Thanks to its entry and exit roller and more ergonomic handle design, this product is easy to use and manoeuvre.


Item Measurement
Capacity 2500Kg
Fork Length 800/1000/1150mm
Fork Width 540/680mm
Lowered Height 85mm
Lift Height 200mm
Wheel Size 200mm
Wheel Type Poly/Nylon

This 120 Litre Shopping Trolley with Baby Carrier is ideal for family shops and has the capacity for large loads. Typical in your average supermarket, this shopping trolley has a fold away baby carrier and a 120 litre capacity, making it ideal for weekly family shopping trips. 

Item Measurement
Capacity 120 litre
Wheel Configuration 4 Swivel
Child Seat Yes
Handle Colour Your Choice


This 80 Litre Light Shopping Trolley is your typical small shopping trolley you'd see at your local supermarket. Lightweight and easy to handle, this trolley is perfect for a quick run around. The shallow basket also makes use easier all round, as there's no need to reach down to the bottom of the trolley as with the larger versions.

Item Measurement
Capacity 80 Litre
Wheel Configuration 4 Swivel
Child Seat No
Handle Colour Your Choice


This Wheelchair Friendly 62 Litre Shopping Trolley is designed for easy use for wheelchair users. The trolley attaches to the front of the wheelchair directly in front of the user for care-free and easy use. Mounted on 4 non-marking swivel castors for smooth movement.

Item Measurement
Capacity 62 Litre
Wheel Configuration 4 Swivel
Handle Colour Your Choice


This 180 Litre Shopping Trolley with Baby Carrier is one of the largest and most popular shopping trolleys around. With a capacity of 180 Litres, and a built in fold away Baby carrier as standard, this trolley has become a necessity in almost all supermarkets and large retail stores. 

Item Measurement
Capacity 180 Litres
Wheel Configuration 4 Swivel
Child Seat Yes
Handle Colour Your Choice


This 60 Litre Shopping Trolley is perfect for your average small town store. Although it has a reduced capacity, this trolley is perfect for small isles and tight spaces, being able to fit where the larger trolleys most certainly cant. If you are looking for a space saver, this is the shopping trolley for you.

Item Measurement
Capacity 60 Litre
Wheel Configuration 4 Swivel
Child Seat No
Handle Colour Your Choice


Water Bottle Sack Truck for carrying 6 bottles, with folding bottle trays. This truck is not limited to just carrying water, fold the base trays up to the frame, and use the substantial base plate to carry cups and disposables. Fitted with a our proven Z-frame stair skid with low friction polymer skids, make lifting heavy loads up and down stairs, safer and more productive. Fitted with your choice of high quality solid, pneumatic, or polyurethane puncture-proof wheels, mounted on a solid 20mm axle to ensure a great long life with low maintenance. Finally the truck in finished in a high-visibility yellow, epoxy powder coated paint, which is baked to the steel to ensure future longevity.


Item Measurement
Capacity 270kg PU / 300kg PN / 400kg S
Height 1680mm
Width 600mm
Toe Plate Length 210mm
Toe Plate Width 410mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type

Pneumatic / Polyurethane / Solid

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