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Tote Pan Lifting Trolley

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Product Code: HI-36-TPL-3131

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Tote Pan Lifting Trolley

Product Code: HI-36-TPL-3131


Designed to quickly relocate loaded Tote Pans, this Tote Pan Lifting Trolley features a levered lifting system which allows the user to easily load and lift a tote pan without any manual lifting. The tote pan lifter features two parallel lifting forks that grip either side of the tote pan and are connected to a sophisticated lifting system designed to keep the tote pan level when lifting and ensuring the load is stable. Using the lever system, the tote pan is raised off the ground by the forks, allowing it to be moved with ease, efficiency, and comfort for the user. 

Because this item is made to order, it can be modified to meet your exact requirements. If you have an awkward sized container, this trolley can be adapted to lift it. If you require more information, see our Made To Order Page, or contact the team on 01803 875 222

Item Measurement
Capacity 200kg
Internal Width 310mm
Internal Length
 310mm 410mm 460mm 615mm
Wheel Size 125mm
Wheel Type White Nylon


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