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Handle-iT Recently won the tender to renew the fleet of Airport Trolleys and Cart for baggage at the new terminal at Kasane International Airport in Botswana. Handle-iT CEO Daniel Farrar said "this is a great coupe for us at Handle-iT. This part of industry has been controlled for many years by just a couple on major European Manufacturers, and its a very difficult industry to crack. However with our product being comparable to the major player, and vastly cheaper in cost we hope that there will be many more to come"

The Trafficker Range of Airport Trolleys introduce by Mr Farrar into the UK market some 9 years ago, has had some quality tweaks introduced through the years to ensure that the company was in the right place to start attacking major airport build and refurbishments, and to ensure that the product would be right for the airports.


Mr Farrar added "we have used this style of Airport cart now for many years, and our design and engineering teams have worked closely with the sales team and our UK customer base to ensure that this product remains very competitive, while ensure a great quality product. Changing the material type to a harder based aluminium has been key to the longevity of this product, and now that it has been proven in some of the most arduous facilities available. We have thousands of these carts around most UK sea Ports and with the UK weather giving these carts a really good test, and the results have been very pleasing, and put us in a great position to attack more of the international airport trolley market of the next few years. We are strategically placed with a cheaper product than the Europeans but a better product than the Chinese.

I have discussed at length the plans with Mr Farrar, and the time seems very exciting for this young vibrant company, and i wish them well for the future..

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