Handle-iT Fulfils Kowloon Bays High Speed Rail Link Terminal

Another successful delivery of Airport Baggage Trolleys supplied by Handle-iT have reached Kowloon Bay's Express Rail Link.

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The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link is a cross boundary transport infrastructure project, aimed to provide high speed rail services between Hong Kong and Guangzhou one of Southern China's, largest and most vibrant industrial areas. This including a connection to the national High-Speed Rail Network serving China's major mainland cities, Making this link a vital artery in the new relationship between Hong Kong and Chinese mainland, ferrying both Business people, tourists and freight between the two provinces.

Kowloon Bay Express Rail Link Concept Art
West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong designed by from Andrew Bromberg at Aedas

Handle-iT were successful in the tender process launched in January this year and Managing director Daniel Farrar Visited the customer while on his Asia Pacific visit which also encompassed the successful meeting in the Philippines.

The tender included design, manufacture, delivery and even unloading from the shipping containers, through service lift and 150-meter corridor, to the trolley park itself.

Daniel added, “the final element of delivery was a nightmare, we had four local staff moving 2 containers of stock over a 300-meter round trip, with a maximum of five trolleys being moved at any one time, meaning 100 trip of 300 meters……. Maybe I should have volunteered myself to lose some of this waist line.”

The contract included 400 Steel airport trolleys all with swivel castors and Handle-iT branded Bump Pad for the front, ensuring that no one will forget were they have come from.

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