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Handle-iT Airport Trollies - The Traffic Truck Range

Handle-iT With A New Fleet of Airport Baggage Carts.

September see's the arrival on time, of a new fleet of Traffic Range Airport Trolleys at Ireland West Airport Knock.

One of Irelands Fastest growing airports with over 3/4 million passengers have selected Handle-iT as their favoured bidder for the fleet renewal, marking the companies steady progression into the European Airport Sector.

With customers in 38 countries over 5 continents, from Australia through to Alaska.  The steady progression of the company under its Owner and Group Operations Director Daniel Farrar, said “After coming a very close second in the bidding for the £2 million fleet replacement at Gatwick earlier this year, some would have seen this as a kick in the teeth and been deflated, however we feel proud and buoyed on by the fact as a small player in a monopolised industry and one that’s been monopolised now for many, many years, pushed all the usual suspects to the wire.  This industry is ready……… no is desperate for new blood that’s focussed on a quality product, backed by devoted customer service, we are ready and eager to take on that challenge.  As the airport sector has grown over the past 20 years, the same old suspects in our field have become complacent, with their service, pricing and product innovation, whereas we are keen, to service, to push the prices down, and to offer a service where the customer feels loved, cared for and as though the customers business is appreciated”

Ireland West Airport Knock are one of the hubs for Ryanair in Ireland, so used to driving down costs, whilst still providing an exemplary service for their customers, flying to various routes in the UK offering businesses quick access to their industry partners helping European businesses run smoothly.  Also with flights into several European Destinations this busy regional airport has seen a fourfold increase in passenger numbers in the past 15 years, and I continually looking to grow alongside its supplier base.

Daniel also added, “This is the 1st European airport we have partnered within 2017, and will be looking to add to this by the end of the year, with lots more in the pipeline for 2018.  It’s a great feeling that a local company here in the South West is making such major advances on the world stage, against major German and French players, it feels at the moment as though our ability to be light and nimble allows us to provide tailored packages including Service and Parts Supply, rather than the off the shelf solutions that are on offer from our bloated competitors.”

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