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Its not all about the moment, sometimes its good to be able to go to bed thinking we have done a good deed for the day…

We were approached by a very lovely senior gentlemen based in Hampshire. He had several health issues such as mobility and breathing, so was prescribed his own oxygen tank. The breathing issues meant that he always had two tanks next to him and the mobility issues meant he was also unable to lift out the bottles from a standard oxygen cradle dispensing IV stand.

Dan in the sales team took the call with his usual abundance of empathy and took his scribble pad home that night to arrange a very simple mod. This mod allowed the simple changing of the oxygen bottle without the need of lifting the 6kg cylinders out of the location.

Handle-iT Bespoke Oxygen Cylinder Storage Rack
Handle-iT Bespoke Oxygen Cylinder Storage Rack

Dan has worked on many projects over the past years concerning the access to work teams. Helping people with physical restrictions that would usually mean some work tasks are not only difficult but actually become more dangerous due to the disabilities.  

Dan said

“A disability shouldn’t be an obstacle to work. There are some brilliant employers out there that spend extra effort and times to ensure people with disabilities are able to work. If we can design something to add safety for both the employer and employee everyone gets the perfect results. Sometimes we can make it always about being a money maker, sometimes just doing the right things… The nice thing makes it worth coming to work. Our experience suggests the employee will never forget us, and neither does the employers. We have had several disabled members of the team over the years and have notice that the effort the company puts in is vastly superseded by the efforts of the employee, as they remain grateful for the support. It not only great as a human, but makes brilliant business sense also."


  • Handle-iT

    Hello Ikram,
    Yes, this is certainly something we can do for you. I have passed your enquiry on to the folks at and they should get back to you shortly via email.

  • Ikram

    Want to make trolley with small compartment and shelves
    Weight under 10kgs with strong wheels

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