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We Have a Lot of Colour Options Available With All Our Products!


 Custom Coloured Powder Coating @Handle-iT

All companies have their own style, their own colour, and their own brand. Here at Handle-iT, we want to help you get the perfect product to suit your needs, and with coloured powder coating you can get your Trolley, Sack Truck or almost any product from our range to be painted any colour you could ever want.

Green Sack Truck

Whether it’s for customer use, for branding, or just to fit your office ascetics, choosing a select colour for your product may be the perfect touch to make it fit right in at your place of work.

A lot of our made to order stock is made and painted with a standard colour blue (RAL5010) but choosing a different colour may come at no extra cost!

If custom colours are right for you, all you need is the RAL colour or Pantone code to give to the sales team on point of order and we’ll do the rest for you.



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 *****please note colours that are specifically mixed can hold a substantial cost*****


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Trolleys Made to Your Specification

Handle-iT offers a design and manufacture facility in our own factories here in the southwest, where we can manage the whole process.

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