BSEN1757-3 Conformity At Handle-iT

Platform Trucks and Flatbed Trolleys from Handle-iT now conform to BSEN1757-3 with the addition of braked castors to our standard trolley ranges. All standard sized and many of the non-standard sized platform trucks, whether they be mesh filled, ply filled or plastic clad conform to the rigorous high safety standards laid down under the BSEN1757-3.

Handle-iT's Managing Director, Daniel Farrar said:

"With our every growing database including many blue chip international companies, this is a natural progression to ensure that our customers get what they need from our range. Moreover we are making slight adjustments to still more of our range to ensure that these standard are either meet or exceeded. With the additional of a braking system to our turntable trolley range, these too will also meet the required European standard. This has been a long and expensive process ensuring these higher safety standards, however this was a price worth paying for the additional safety factors, and coupled with our unparalleled 5 year warranty it makes our platform truck range some of the best value product in the industry."


  • Stephen

    Not quite as happy as everyone else, ours turned up damaged, with a broken wheel. Fair enough a another castor was sent out so i supposed you can have a brownie point for your service, overall the product is good, i just wish it got to me in one piece,

  • Melanie

    Not quite on your scale Dave, we have 2, but would agree with everything that you say, I would also add that the service was impeccable, WELL DONE LYNDSEY. A trolley made to our exact size in 10 days, (shame about the scratch from the delivery company, but still 10 out of 10.

  • Dave

    Great to see British manufacturing making a come back, we have a fleet of 65 1200mm x 600mm version with brakes, also we have 2 modified versions with deadman brake…. we will not buy from anywhere else again……… The warranty was the initial clincher for us buying from Handle-it, but now that we have them they are just brilliant pieces of kit…. Keep up the good work, and lets start making more here in Blighty

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