Power Assisted Shelf Trolley with Security Cage

With our new powered cage trolley, secure mobile storage has never been better. Mounted on our advanced Electric Powered Trolley chassis, this cage trolley features an integrated internal shelf for easier and better options for storage of files, equipment, stock, cash, or anything else of value. 

Full Security Cage Trolley

The cage itself is available with a variety of different security locks, from a simple padlock fitting to pin entry, keycard, or even keyless entry for high security environments. Additional security features such as a pin entry shut-off ignition, RFID tagging, or even an integrated security alarm.

Security Cage Trolley with Integral Shelf

For additional security and to keep out prying eyes, we also offer alternative panelling instead of the standardised mesh. We can also offer high-impact plastic, aluminium checkerplate, or even fully welded steel sheet for the ultimate level of security. 

Cage Trolley Security Lock

The powered systems on the trolley use a key ignition, meaning without the starter key, the trolley is immobilised. With the trolley switched off, automatic brakes lock the trolleys drive wheels and prevent it from moving. Like all our powered trolleys however, when switched on the trolley does the work for you, moving a load of up to 500kg with the flick of a switch.

The trolley has a range of up o 25km, letting you power through a good days work. Thanks to its easy-charge system, the trolley can be safely recharged overnight using a standard wall plug socket. 

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