Powered Trolley Units - What and Why?

Perfect for those awkward jobs

In the world of manual handling, sometimes a helping hand is needed. Our powered trolley units come as standard with an electric motor that allows you to control the speed of movement, a safety kill-switch to prevent unwanted accidents and a 1200 x 600mm usable bed area.

However, don't be fooled - this simple bit of kit can be utilised for as many applications as you need, and we are able to custom design a unit to best fit your purpose - whether this is through the addition of shelves, removable sides, a smaller or larger bed, or even a fully mounted security cage clad in mesh and galvanised sheet metal to prevent prying eyes.

We have companies all over the world using our products, most recently of which is EBC Brakes based here in the UK. EBC required a powered trolley to aid in the transport of heavy-items around their shop floors, such as brake components for trucks and other large vehicles.

Based on this requirement, and upon discussion with procurement, we are currently fabricating two powered trolleys with a secondary shelf, with the whole unit rated to carry up to 500kg UDL at a 200/300kg split ( 200kg Top Shelf, 300kg Base ).

If this is something you think your company may need, or would like to discuss options, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be more than happy to help!

Check out our Powered Trolley Unit today:


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