Heavy Duty Flatbed Trolley Platform Truck

This week on our product spotlight we're focusing on our upgraded Premium Plus heavy duty flatbed trolley, also known as a platform truck. 

Premium Plus Flatbed Trolley

This product is an upgraded version of our standard high quality flatbed trolley, but upgraded to include top quality non-slip Phenolic board base as well as Resilex elastic rubber tyre castors. Flatbeds are incredibly common in most businesses and are one of the most widely recognised types of trolley around. 

Premium Plus Non Slip Phenolic Base

The 18mm Phenolic board base sits flush with the trolleys frame, ensuring easy loading, moving, and unloading of items on the trolley. With the load being at a low level, the trolley is also a lot more stable because of the low centre of gravity, meaning it has far more control and stability than its alternatives. 

Premium Plus Resilex Cstors

The upgraded Resilex elastic rubber castor wheels have almost twice the capacity of standard red centre capacity. With two front fixed wheels and two swivelling wheels with brakes at the rear, this trolley is incredibly easy to handle even with a heavy load unlike trolleys with 4 swivel castors as you would see on the likes of a regular shopping trolley. This allows the user to retain far more control over the load, and makes moving it far easier and safer than before. 


The Premium Plus Flatbed Trolley Platform Truck is available HERE




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