Heavy Duty Oil Drum Sack Truck

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Oil Drum Trolley

This week we're focusing on the new Oil Drum Sack Truck, which is the perfect tool for moving oil drums and barrels. 


Its simple quick-release lock holds the top of the barrel, allowing you to slide the feet underneath to hold it in place. once secured, the sack truck can be lent back to a comfortable position for you to move and use as a regular sack truck. Due to its design, the centre of gravity is balanced over the wheels, making it incredibly easy to move. This sack truck is far more secure than regular sack trucks, and more importantly it will save you or your employees backs. 

Drum Sack Truck With Load

Another feature of this sack truck is its kick-stand, allowing easy storage in an upright position. Functioning as a standard kick-stand, all the user needs to do is tap it with their foot while leaning the sack truck forward and it will either spring up or down.

The Oil Drum Sack Truck may be a specialised tool, but it is exactly the one you need for the manual handling of oil drums and barrels. 

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