Heavy Duty Turntable Trolley

As one of the newest products in our Premium Plus range, The Heavy Duty Turntable Trolley is one of the best selling and best rated trolleys we produce. 

Heavy Duty Turntable Trolley with load

With its high quality phenolic Non-Slip boarded base, and using the same single piece box section frame as with many of our trolleys, this trolley really is built to last. 

The turntable also comes with two different weight capacities depending on the wheels. The first is a more standard 254mm tyre, giving the trolley a safe capacity of 500kg on either Pneumatic or Polyurethane Puncture Proofs. The upgraded wheels increase the diameter to 390mm, which boosts the capacity to a whopping 1000kg, and has brought on its nickname as the "Big Boy". Again, this size of wheel is available in both the pneumatic, or the polyurethane puncture proof versions. 

Heavy Duty Turntable Trolley With Phenolic Board BaseHeavy Duty Turntable Trolley With Side Panel Kit

The turntable trolley also comes in two different sizes, the smaller size is 1200mm x 600mm, and the larger is 1500mm x 750mm. As well as this, as part of the launch of the Premium Plus range we're offering an promotion on side panel kits for the turntable trolley, more than halving their original price. 


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