Heavy Duty Water Bottle Trolley


The new Heavy Duty Water Bottle Sack Truck is perfect for the transport of large office water bottles and other supplies.

This sack truck has 6 fold out steel shelves designed to fit standard 19 Litre (5 Gallon) bottles used in water coolers, with 5 on the front and one on the rear to make use of space. As these shelves are folding, they can be folded flat to the frame, turning it into a regular fully functional heavy duty sack truck.

Due to its sturdy design, the sack truck can support up to 300kg on pneumatic tyres, and 400kg on solids. The sack truck also has built in stair skids, which can be used to make traversing stairs far easier. The skids also act as a support for the sack truck to lay on its back, allowing a safer and easier position to load onto.


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  • Handle-iT

    Hi Ashley

    If you’d like information on shipping to South Africa, please email sales@handle-it.com, or call the office on 01803 875 222 and someone will be able to help you!

    - Handle-iT
  • ashley londt

    I am interested in this trolley… Cape Town South Africa

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