Feeling Deflated? Being Let Down?

The key to transport success is always keeping on the move. You, products, your vehicles, and your staff. I am sure you know the costs of a vehicle breakdown per hour, but have you ever costed the breakdown of something as simple as you sack truck or barrow?

Puncture Proof Tyre

What are the choices, return to base for a new sack barrow? losing time and letting down your customer base?
Or do you continue the route in an inefficient manner with the risk of manual handling injuries?
Neither of these are ideal situations, and when the most common sack truck and barrow failure is as simple as a puncture or deflated wheel we thought we would help you reduce the cost of these annoying and costly issues.
Polyurethane Puncture Proof tyres are made of a Blown Polyurethane Foam. Built to withstand the toughest of environments with no deflation, no loop sided rides from uneven tyre pressures, and every time you pick the barrow up, your tyres are in perfect condition.

Rust and Dust Resistant Bearing

Furthermore, we have increased the durability of our rim to provide even further efficiencies. With a heavy duty reinforced hub, and new high quality smooth-rolling bearing, our wheels provide additional longevity, superior rolling properties and are built to succeed in places where regular wheels constantly fail.

As always, if you have any questions or have special requirements, contact the sales team on 01803 875 222 or email Sales@Handle-iT.com


  • Handle-iT

    Hi Steven,

    If this is for minimal residential use, the easiest option may be the HI-2024G Gas Bottle Sack Truck:

    For something a little tougher, the HI-1890-11U-GB Heavy Duty Gas Bottle Sack Truck is always a great choice:

  • steven lang

    Hi we need to transport our 47kg gas bottles over gravel and grass. What sack truck would you recommend. Its only a residential setting so not in continuous use.

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