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At Handle-iT we always aim to make our customers lives as easy as possible every step of the way. That's why when we dispatch your orders we fully assemble and quality control everything that goes out our door, making sure that when you receive your kit it's ready to use from the get go with no assembly required! Our expert team will assemble and quality check any sack trucks, trolleys, dollies, and any other products before packing and dispatching at no extra cost, saving you the time and hassle of self-assembly.

Sack Truck

Many online Sack Truck and Barrow companies will send out your barrow in a bag or box straight out of storage. From our experience, this is not a great way to provide the equipment, as (particularly at the lower end of the market) there will be variations in sizes that simply wont be noticed without building up the truck. This may be as simple as the axle being a little to long, therefore one of your wheels may need just the one extra washer to ensure the wheel is well packed on the axle. Making sure the play is taken out of the wheels and axles will stop the premature deterioration of the bearing, and a well packed and correctly fitted wheel will seriously outlast one that slops around on the axle, not only increasing the life span but also making the sack truck vastly safer. 

Part of our QA Procedures when building and packing your barrow here at Handle-iT is ensuring the smooth straight running of the wheels, ensuring any excess play in the wheel fixings are removed, ensuring a trouble free but more importantly safe operation. The trucks are then labelled with a MAX safe UDL capacity sticker to ensure no overloading. Our trolleys have been load tested above and beyond the stated capacity, all to UK standards. For more on risks on incorrectly rated handling equipment, check out our blog on The Dangers of Cheap Sack Trucks.

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Handle-iT offers a design and manufacture facility in our own factories here in the southwest, where we can manage the whole process.

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