Low Profile Pallet Trucks

Low Profile Pallet Trucks

GKN and EURO options available.

Extra low profile pallet truck, a suitable and practical solution for meeting all of your manual handling needs. Minimise risks when moving heavy loads. As a part of the MA Range, there are multiple versions of this Pallet Truck. This version has a 1000kg capacity and comes in GKN and EURO sizes.FOR USE WITH GKN & EURO PALLETS
Item Measurement
Capacity 1000 kg
Wheel Type Nylon/Tandem Steel
Fork Width 530/680/838mm
Lowered Height 35mm
Lift Height 96mm
Steer Wheel Size 150mm
(Ex VAT)
Low profile pallet trucks are an excellent tool for lifting and carrying loads on pallets or size-standardised containers. Thanks to its entry and exit roller and ergonomic handle design, this product is easy to use and manoeuvre. A must for any industrial environment where pallets are used.FOR USE WITH GKN & EURO PALLETS
Item Measurement
Capacity 1500 kg
Wheel Type Nylon/Tandem Nylon
Fork Width 540/680mm
Lowered Height 51mm
Lift Height 170mm
Steer Wheel Size 180mm
(Ex VAT)

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