Water Bottle Sack Truck For 6 Bottles

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Water Bottle Sack Truck for carrying 6 bottles, with folding bottle trays. This truck is not limited to just carrying water, fold the base trays up to the frame, and use the substantial base plate to carry cups and disposables. Fitted with a our proven Z-frame stair skid with low friction polymer skids, make lifting heavy loads up and down stairs, safer and more productive. Fitted with your choice of high quality solid, pneumatic, or polyurethane puncture-proof wheels, mounted on a solid 20mm axle to ensure a great long life with low maintenance. Finally the truck in finished in a high-visibility yellow, epoxy powder coated paint, which is baked to the steel to ensure future longevity.



Item Measurement
Overall Height 1680 mm
Overall Width 600 mm
Footplate Depth 210 mm
Footplate Width 410 mm
Wheel Diameter 254 mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic / Polyurethane / Solid
Capacity 270kg PU / 300kg PN / 400kg S

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Product Code Wheel Option Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-WBT6-PN Standard - Air Filled Wheels €256,63
HI-WBT6-PU Puncture Proof Wheels €292,46
HI-WBT6-S Solid Wheel €304,13


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