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In a proactive move to address environmental concerns within the football league and the Premiership, a Handle-iT customer recognized the pressing need to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the consumption of beverages during matches. The prevailing ban on pint glasses in football grounds, a legacy of past violence, prompted the exploration of sustainable alternatives to the prevalent single-use cups, which contribute approximately 75 tons of plastic waste each weekend. The solution devised by our customer involved the production of reusable plastic pints, offering a significant reduction in waste to a mere 5% of the current levels. Beyond the environmental...

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Equine dentistry is an important part of horse healthcare. To provide the best dental care for horses, equine dentists require the right equipment. A bespoke-designed trolley is an essential tool that helps equine dentists perform dental procedures effectively. In this blog post, we will discuss a bespoke-designed trolley that is perfect for equine dentistry. It features a stainless steel chassis, adjustable height work platform, collapsible design, and off-road wheels.

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Ocado Trolley

When Ocado approached us with a specialized requirement for a trolley, we knew we were in for an exciting project. The task was to create a trolley that could carry a ladder and specific tools, and after careful consideration of their needs, we got to work on creating a bespoke design.


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Its not all about the moment, sometimes its good to be able to go to bed thinking we have done a good deed for the day…

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Addenbrooke’s Hospital approached us earlier in the year with a requirement for 3 bespoke trolleys to suit the needs of the wards.  Part of the specification was the requirement for them to be different and bright colours, so if they went missing they could easily be returned!

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