Baggage / Luggage Trolley Cart - 4 Wheeled Stainless Steel

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The Trafficker Range Airport Trolleys, terrific trolleys at a terrific price! We are one of the few companies in the UK that stock airport & luggage trolleys. These baggage trolleys, although most recognisable from your trips abroad, are also very useful as cash and carry trolleys, stacking inside one another to take up less storage space when not in use. Supplied as standard with a "Reverse Brake" or "Dead Man Brake" the handle needs to be depressed for the trolley to move. The braking system is self adjusting to provide yet more longevity. Furthermore our increased dimensions of advertising areas allow this cart to pay for itself time and time again, or allow for a great opportunity to self promote your services. This particular cart is popular throughout the world with our customer base stretching over 5 continents. 

Item Measurement
Capacity 200KG
Bed Length 670mm
Bed Width 500mm
Overall Height 1025mm
Base Height 300mm
Wheel Size 180mm
Wheel Type 2 fixed 2 Swivel

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