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The food delivery dolly is designed to suit standard 400mm x 600mm food/grocery boxes. Mounted on four high-quality non-marking swivel castors, the dolly is lightweight and easy to move and makes safely moving boxes more efficient, providing a platform to move stacked grocery boxes. The safety-yellow powder coat finish provides an easy to clean and damage resistant finish which will help protect the steel frame from rust.

Boxes not included. Please note: current dollies in stock are grey, not yellow.

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Item Measurement
Capacity 300 kg
Wheel Diameter 80 mm
Wheel Type Nylon
Internal Length 595mm
Internal Width 415mm

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Product Code Base Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-TC4324 Open Base £69.00

Product Maintenance

Wheels and Castors PASS FAIL
Is the tyre tread condition good?
Are there any tears or cracks in the surface of the tyre?
Wheel Hub/Core
Are nuts & bolts on cores tight?
Are wheel cores in good condition without chips, dents, cracks or buckles?
If steel, is there any rust or corrosion?
Wheel Bearing
Is there any sign of rust on bearings?
Are the bearings straight into the hub?
Is there excess play in the bearing?
Do the wheels roll smoothly?
Are all foreign bodies removed from the bearings?
Castor Mounted
Are the castor forks straight?
Are there any scratches or dents in the metal?
Is there any rust or corrosion?
Is the main axle bolt secure and free of rust?
Are the four bolts that affix the castor to the frame firmly secured and free of rust?
Are the nuts on any bolts secure and free of rust?
Frame and Chassis PASS FAIL
Is the frame and chassis free from rust and excessive imperfections?
Are all fixings, nuts, bolts, slit pins, washers, roll pins free from rust?
Is the frame and chassis free from buckles?
Are there any dents, chips or tears in the frame?
Are all fixings, nuts, bolts, slit pins, washers, roll pins in place?
Base Platform
Is the fill material (board, plastic, steel) still present and in good condition; free from rust, rot or damage?


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