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Puncture Proof Wheel

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254mm diameter, polyurethane puncture proof tyre, with steel cased 20mm diameter bored ball bearing, this heavy duty wheel to suit the sack truck, is a split rim wheel, making it easy to service and maintain. The polyurethane tyre feels like a pneumatic wheels and ride like one also. This tyre will not puncture as the cast polyurethane is filled with thousands of encapsulated bubbles; you can literally stick a nine inch through the tyre without effect. As there is no air as such in the wheel, there is also no dissipation of air from the tyre if the sack truck is left standing for a time, so that when you pick the sack truck up after a year the it will operate in exactly the same way it did when you left it, not one tyre being flat and the other being solid - The best place on the internet to buy Puncture Proof Wheel