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TX12-29 & TX12-38 - Semi Powered Straddle Pallet Stacker


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The TX Straddle Series, is a great tool for where movement of pallets are infrequent and unpredictable, the TX straddle stacker will handle both GKN/UK Standard pallets as well as Euro pallets. The powered lift and lower facility makes unloading or loading lorries simple. the manual push pull traction keeps not only the purchase price lower but also the servicing cost and the training cost, as this is considered a manual pallet stacker therefore documented training is not required. With the truck lifting 1200kg to 2900mm, or TX12-38 will take a 1200kg pallet and lift to 3850mm it makes it the perfect truck for companies moving low volumes of pallets, and where the type of pallets can not be governed. Great for small business environments, where you are trying to decide whether you need to buy a second hand fork lift or not, and are a little worried whether and old banger will cost you more to keep running than you paid for it.

Capacity 1200kg / 1200kg
Fork Length 1150mm
Fork Width 250-850mm
Height Mast Lowered 1980mm / 2425mm
Lift Height 2900mm / 3850mm
Drive Manual
Lift/Lower Electric

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