Below you will find many links with some very helpful tools to ensure the safety of your staff and colleagues and the financial safety of your company against the compensation culture. Putting these small practice changes into place in your business will make the work place safer and reduce the risk of corporate injury through litigation. Simple risk assessments and reports to understand some of the risks involved will really help with your understanding of the Health and Safety minefield. Also there is legislative guidance to ensure that you are up to speed on current legal practise as well, and case studies for your particular industry.

Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Use these documents and guides to ensure that you operate and maintain your manual handling equipment safely and efficiently.

HSE Manual Handling Guidance

The HSE is the essential resource for all manual handling guidance. They have an entire website dedicated to manual handling and performing risk assessments. We have linked to the most relevant documents below, but please call if you need specific advice for your application.

HSE Pushing and Pulling Guidance



HSE Industry Specific Guides